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AFL Finals Wrap Week 1

Now we don't mean to boast (well that's not true obviously we do!) but TipBetPro is turning into quite the big game "player".

In 2014 we bet 6 units in finals footy for a return of $8.38 (+40%), in 2015 we improved on that performance with 6 more bets for a return of $10.92 (+82%) and one wondered if we could get any better in 2016.

Well after week 1 we have 3 bets, 3 wins for a return of 8.63 units ... just a lazy 188% return! We may catch that TBP NRL crew yet (although our NRL arm had a fairly handy week themselves!).

Although the TipBetPro model had West Coast and Sydney winning (just) - we didn't share anywhere near the same confidence as the bookies and were quietly confident of at least one upset in these two games. As it turned out both the Doggies and Giants won (and both easily!) to deliver some huge returns for TipBetPro with payouts of $4.50 and $2.95 respectively. Makin' it rain!

Adelaide weren't paying much (just $1.18) but our model was saying they are as close to a certainty as you're ever going to get in an AFL finals series and so we took the easiest of 18% profits to finish off a great week. Throw in 2 out of 3 winning line bets (6th consecutive week of profitable novelty bets!) and it was happy times at TBP Headquarters after our best AFL week of the year!

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