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Knight, Knight - A Bookie's Dream

So this week we are turning our attention away from TipBetPro (well sort of) and have put the spot light on the bookmakers, the odds they offer, and what a die-hard one-eyed fan may get if they bet on their team every week.

One-Eyed Optimism

You can never see your team lose. It just won’t happen.

So we are ten rounds in, and you have bet $1 a week of your hard earned cash on your team (remember they can NOT lose). Where would you be now?

Unsurprisingly, the bookmakers would be up. There would have been 160 bets in total (Assuming each club has one fan) with returns of 144.17 based on odds on Sportsbet. So a loss of around $15 or 10%, which ties in quite nicely with the profit margin bookies go for!

The fans who are crying

Knights fans would be worst off – not surprising given they have only won one game against the Wests Tigers, and it only paid $2!

The Knights are closely followed by two teams who flatter to deceive and probably (no evidence to back this up) have some of the most one-eyed fans! The Warriors and Roosters fans would both (not suggesting there are only two in total) be out of pocket by a fair few dollars (only seems fair as they have cost us plenty!).

And those who have enough winnings to buy the first round

At the other end, the Storm and Sharks lead the way, costing the bookies over $3 each (or over 30%). This isn’t surprising either given both have performed very well to date, and caught a few fans by surprise. Then there is the Eels, and our favourites, the Dragons, who have also cost the bookies some coin.

Diehard TipBetPro fans

Well as you know, we don’t recommend a bet on every game. Only the ones where the bookmakers have been too generous (or indeed the one-eyed fans have done us a favour by betting on a dud).

Year to date we have bet on 41 of the 80 games, so around a half, returning 53.76 units, or 31%. (Note the AFL model has very similar returns year to date)


Following TipBetPro, unless you bet on the Storm or Sharks every week (note we do not recommend this strategy, although both teams are a recommended bet this week!), is the way forward and has returned more than the bookies make! So being a one-eyed TipBetPro fan is actively encouraged.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

GUEST WRITERS WANTED – Do you have a view on anything NRL related? Maybe a response to this article or something else. We are happy to post here* and make you famous (well sort of).

To see our betting recommendations, including our Bet of The Week, and to read more about our approach, and to compare our performance with your own, please visit or follow us (abuse us) on Twitter @tipbetpronrl.

*Subject to editors discretion

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