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Q: How much should I expect to win from following bet recommendations from TipBetPro?


A: Nothing.  In fact you should expect to lose your stake (or at least be prepared for that eventuality). We have a simple philosophy at TipBetPro – if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t bet it! 



Q: What is the history of TipBetPro?


A: The AFL TipBetPro model was created following the conclusion of the 2011 AFL season by statistically analysing every Home and Away AFL game from 2008 to 2011 to determine which factors have the greatest correlation to victory. The TipBetPro model went live in 2012 and was utilised by a sample group of tipsters and gamblers based in Perth, Western Australia. In 2014, the TipBetPro AFL model was expanded and launched as a Website.  In 2016, TipBetPro was expanded further to incorporate statistically backed NRL, Cricket and NBL.  In 2017, TipBetPro launched Netball and in 2018 TipBetPro launched A-League.  Unfortunately 2019 was a poor year for TipBetPro and saw the removal of Cricket, A-League and NRL from our portfolio leaving us with just our three most successful sports (AFL, Netball and NBL).


Q: What makes TipBet Pro different from other tipping and betting recommendations?


A: Most predictive models will only use "team" based factors in modelling a predicted result, i.e. ladder position, form, home ground advantage etc. The TipBetPro model found that the individual characteristics of every player that take to the ground in any match-up is consistently understated by other tipping and betting models. TipBetPro takes into consideration not just the standard team factors but also the individual characteristics of every player named to take to the field to provide the most in-depth tipping and betting analysis on the market.


Q: What is the background of the creators of the TipBetPro model?


A: In addition to a passionate love of all things sport, the makers of the TipBetPro model have primarily mathematical based backgrounds. The primary author of the model is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and he is supported by a team of experts with mathematical and economics qualifications and working backgrounds.


Q: Where do you get your odds from?


A: Historical odds and results are all as quoted from Bet365 unless stated otherwise - we will always name our betting agency within our recommendations if not Bet365. 


Q: Who should I contact if I have a gambling problem?


A: If you are having difficulties gambling responsibly, we recommend contacting the Gambling Hotline on 1800 060 757 for a free, professional and confidential service ... and to not visit this website!


Q: Who can I contact for further information about the TipBetPro Model?


A: You can contact TipBetPro at and we will try to answer your enquiry as soon as possible.  TipBetPro can also be followed on Twitter @TipBetPro (links are provided at the top of this website).

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