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Well that's a wrap...

Always good to finish on a high… Well it would be, but that’s not what we did. We did finish in front though, so in the end not a bad start to TipBetPro’s Cricketing endeavours.

So let’s have a look back at the season that was 2016, also known as the Northern Hemisphere’s summer (although not all of these games were played North of the equator).

We started slowly with the England v Sri Lanka 3 test series, in which we placed just 2 bets – both were winners so we were off to a good start there. After that we had a bit of a wait, but then there were multiple series all going at once, the first being our most bet on the series – England vs Pakistan. We placed 7 bets across this series, with all but one of these winning.

The next series to begin was the West Indies vs India matches. We placed 3 bets in this series, all at low odds, but only 2 came in. So what went wrong here? West Indies ground management went wrong. We can check the teams, we can check the weather, we can check the tabloids to check on the current status of Kohli’s relationship with Anushka Sharma, but to the best of my ability, I can’t find good data on which grounds have a supersoaker and which grounds don’t – I just kind of assumed that all TEST grounds had this piece of equipment. Not all agencies refunded the bets for this match, but a couple did as only 22 overs were bowled (followed by a few hours of rain and a bunch of photos of guys playing PlayStation in their hotels).

Then came the Australian tour of Sri Lanka. We only placed 3 bets in this series, but 2 of those came in at quite good odds so it was another profitable series. Frankly the Aussies let us down in that last test, they had plenty of opportunities to take the advantage and get the win – wasn’t the worst bet of all time, but a loss is a loss.

Finally came New Zealand’s tour of Africa. It started with an easy series against Zimbabwe – easy for them, and easy for us to make a quick profit on them winning the series 2-0. With the entrée taken care of it was time to move on to the main course and what many (including us) thought could be the series of the season. It was not. The first match was washed out, not by 5 days of rain, but by 1 afternoon of rain and an ill-prepared outfield that couldn’t dry even after a full day of sun and win – thankfully we got our moneyback on this one as the 1st innings hadn’t been completed. Then came the worst bet of the series – we thought New Zealand had a chance in the 2nd test… they did not. We went “all in” on this last match with 3 different bets, but New Zealand were off gazing at the clouds, dreaming about their fluffy white wives at home Baaaaabara and Maaaagaret (yep that’s a bestiality reference) and never even looked like competing. We apologise for this bet.

So where does that leave us? Well a total profit margin of just under 20% for the season is not that bad from 20 bets, but of course we’ll be looking to improve on that in the upcoming 2016/17 season.

So that’s it for now, but follow us on twitter (@TBP_Cricket) and you’ll know when our next tips are out later in September, and then late in October we should have some ODI bets coming your way.

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