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NRL Round 8 Wrap-up

WOW.................What a week for TipBetPro and their followers.

Brisbane to win by more than 14 - yep 22 points - get in Canberra to win - yep 54 points - get in

Canberra to win by more than 6 - yep by 54 points - get in

Dragons to win - yep 2 points - get in (and BoTW)

Dragons to win with a 2.5 head start (they won so yes) - get in

Brisbane, Canberra, Cronulla, Dragons and Cowboys to win - Oh yes - get in!

The model predicted some blow outs this week, with every game over a 10 point margin (for those eagle eyed followers you may have noticed we changed the model and confidence levels this week as we now have more data, and well, feel a bit more confident). So to celebrate we recommended more bets than ever before for a round....and, well, it worked! From the 10 bets the return was over 19 units, so a near 100% return. If Cronulla had won by 4 points rather than 2 we'd be even happier this week. Less said about NZ Warriors the better - its appears they will miss RTS a bit more than we thought.

Now, as mentioned last week, no one likes big heads, but this week has been immense. It's why we do what we do, and we hope it continues ... so please please tweet, message, shout about TipBetPro to all your mates - the more followers we get the longer we'll keep doing it (to be fair we'll probably do it if no one follows us if we keep winning money!).

Not sure our new partners at Sportsbet (you may have noticed the banners) will be too happy with the arrangements though!

Funnily enough this week was not a good one for our margin error, but who cares!! It's a short write up this week, as we're off to the pub. to spend Sportsbets money.

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