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NRL Round 25 Wrap

For those eagled eyed followers, you will note that last week we didn't do a wrap for Round 24. This may have looked like we had spat the dummy as both our bets failed to come in. To be fair it was part of it, but the old day job got in the way. Fortunately, we managed to free up some time to do bets for Round 25, and thank the betting gods that we did. WHAT A WEEK!

We recommended two bets this week, the Broncos to beat the Storm at 2.75 and the West Tigers to beat the Warriors at 3.50. We also recommended taking the Raiders at -8. Well they all came in, with the H2H yielding a whopping 213% return on your stake. If, like me, you also decided to do a cheeky double, you will have benefitted even more!!! Yeesssssssssss, you beauty.

A special mention must go out to the Wests Tigers. The graph above shows just how much they contributed to the first season of TipBetPro NRL. Many, including ourselves initially thought they would challenge the Knights for last spot, but how wrong have we been (at least our model is dynamic and picked up on their upside quickly). So lets look at this in more detail:

> The Wests have played 23 games winning 11 of them > Of the 23 games our model has suggested betting on 10 of the games, and in 4 of them, the Wests were also bet of the week.

> 7 of the 10 bets came in, and in every case the Wests were underdogs with the bookmakers, with the lowest odds being 2.35 against the Panthers, and the highest 4.00 against the Broncos.

> 3 of the 4 games the Wests won, and which we did not recommend a bet were in games they were favourites (paying 1.35, 1.45 and 1.55 respectively)

> The only game we didn't recommend a bet on when they were underdogs, and the Wests won was in Round 1 against the Warriors (who knew at that stage the Warriors would be sh*thouse)

> All up the bets have returned nearly 12 units, (inlcuses one money back which is not included in the graph below) from 10 bets, so a return of 120%.

> 3 of the 4 Bet of The Weeks have come in, netting 10.21 from 4 bets. A return of 155%.

It really is quite phenomenal, as the weeks we haven't backed the Wests they have generally lost, as shown in the graph below:

Take a bow, Wests Tigers. With one round to go you are assured the title of "TipBetPro's favourite team 2016". We hope you make the finals.

See you next week!

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