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NRL Round 19 Review

A disaster. No other word for it (that doesn't involve 4 letters).

So lets do this in reverse and start with our only win of the week. The Sharks, rather luckily given some close decisions, won against the Roosters and covered the line (-6). This made it 14 in a row for the table toppers, and just as importantly sees them take control of 3rd place in our best returns, with a solid shout at the title. They have done us very proud this year. Long may it continue.

The bet before this was on the Eels. We thought the Panthers had a slight edge but unlike the bookies didn't think the reaction by the market was justified. How close were the Eels and us of taking out a nice win. In the end injuries took their toll and the Panthers scrapped home by 4.

The rest of the week, and our 3 other bets were all a disaster! Lets quickly touch on them:

St George - they have started to play badly. Very. We may need to add another factor to our algorithm to knock them back 10 points each week. Poor performance and poor bet.

Warriors - How did they lose that game - and let's be clear they lost it. Should have won this bet but the Warriors aren't reliable, like the Perth weather. They have taken first place in our most hated team race, losing us 4 units!

South Sydney - they lost against the Broncos, and on reflection it was a big ask despite the Broncos poor Origin impacted form. To be fair they looked dangerous at times, but are challenging the Warriors for the spoon.

See you next week!

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