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NRL Round 14 Wrap

​Before we get to far into this weeks write up, a small disclaimer. This week has been very disappointing and we may use some expletives later on. So if you are easily offended, are under the age of 18, or are my grandmother, please stop reading now.

So firstly the good points.

The model predicted the Broncos would be slight favourites, to the tune of 8 points, but the odds on the Raiders made it a value bet. The Broncos did win by 8, so well done model, and the Raiders showed enough to justify the value bet. They could have won. So a loss, but not a bad one as loses go. The Raiders also got inside the line, so first leg of our 7.14 multi, tick.

Then we had the Wests Tigers as a value bet. We really fancied them for an upset, and the model had this game being decided by the toss of a coin. In reality, the Wests won comfortably, and we loved the work of Tedesco, Naiqama and others. If the Wests could defend better they'd be a real chance most weeks.

Although we didn't recommend a H2H bet, we did have the Warriors (-10) as the second leg of our multi, and they didn't disappoint. It was only the Knights, but have they found some form? They'll be a threat in finals if they keep this up.

And then we get into our two roughies for the week. Firstly we had Manly, paying 2.65 and St George playing 2.95. The St George game line bet (+8) was also the third leg of our 7.14 multi.

Manly dominated the first half of their game against the Panthers. The only real questions being how they only scored 24 points and why did they take 2 points just before half-time, when they had the Panthers beat. Well now we know. Clearly someone had the Sea Eagles scoring 24 points in a loss. Great odds if you can manipulate some f&cking half wits to throw a game for you. Now we know it's not been proven yet, but you can see why Manly are under investigation. Geez, that was Jekyll and Hyde. Either they threw the game, or the Panthers got on the blower to Maria Sharapova's doctor. The second half was farcical. Nearly as farcical as GI's field goal attempt. F*CK F*CK and more F*CK.

Now, a team throwing a game, is one thing, but then we get on to the Dragons. A tight encounter was on the cards (remember we only needed the line for 7.14) and then the Bunker and Ref joined in the fun. We have been watching rugby in both forms of the game (yes we watch Union too) and for many many years. We coach our sons teams. We see lots of sh*t. But nothing that can compare to this. The Bulldogs player threw the ball over Benji Marshall and caught it infront of the position he had thrown it from. Yes that is right, in FRONT. This is f*cking rugby not AFL. You can NOT, can NOT, can NOT pass the ball forward, and certainly NOT to yourself. But it's ok, we have 50 cameras, 3 trained technicians (and as it turns out a monkey) as well as the most experienced referee in the game PLUS a giant screen to see it on. What came next is just unbelievable - not only did the try stand but the monkey made up a new rule, on the fly. He "didn't mean to throw it forward over the defenders head", so it's ok. Didn't mean to. What do you f*cking mean, didn't mean to! Well as DCE said, no one means to knock the ball on, no means to pass the ball forward, no one means to take the opponents head off with a high tackle (well not all the time), no one means to F*CK up our bet Well that is until now. Every 10 year old in the land will be tossing the ball over the top and then telling the ref they "didn't mean to"! We apologise to the monkeys, you're far more evolved than those idiots in the bunker. Hang your heads in shame.

And so went of multi, and any chance at the H2H. It was also annoying as a close game was decided by that rubbish. Is it time the bunker went?

You can read again......we have chilled down a bit. It was good to get that out. It was also helped by the Sharks winning our last H2H bet for the week, meaning all up we had a small loss of 7% for the week.

Year to date we are still a healthy +36% on H2H bets, and 64% on BoTW. But it could have been better. Should have been better.

Until next week!!

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