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NRL Round 2 Wrap-up

Week two of TipBetPro NRL has been very exciting. We launched our Twitter account (#TipBetProNRL) and posted a few comments on websites such as The Roar.

This lead to a few commentators questioning our model.

Well, fair enough, we can't claim we know it all, and it's early days but by golly gosh we've started well.

Game 1: Predicted margin - Raiders by 2 - actual margin Raiders by 2. We admit we bet on the Panthers as underdogs (see the article Lies, Damn Lies and NRL statistics for the reason why) and the Raiders only won after the siren. It was a shame, but we got our money back as within 8, and just to point it out in case you missed it, we got the margin spot on!!

Game 2: Predicted margin - Broncos by 16 - actual margin 15. Ok, we were wrong. By 1 point. It's hard to be spot on all the time! So two games in and a combined margin error of 1 point. The commentators on the Roar decided not to respond. Also first leg of multi won.

Game 3: Predicted margin - Raiders by 13 and as underdogs a recommendation to get your money on them, including the second leg of the multi. Now it was a little closer than we thought but it was the most exciting point win we've ever seen! The Raiders are slowly catching up with the Doggies as a firm favourite at TipBetPro (and we have them as a roughie for the minor premiership).

Game 4: Rabbitohs by 42 - we predicted "just" 19, but we were confident of a smashing. They also made up leg 3 of our multi and the week rolled on.

Game 5: Less said about this the best. We had the world champions winning - we weren't massively confident, but thought we'd see the fourth leg of our multi come in. Alas no. A great result for the Eels and a signal of intent from them, but multi over and our perfect tips over.

Game 6: We had the Sharks winning comfortably and they did. 28 points which was more than we thought but none the less a win. The Sharks also make up our roughie for the season. Worth a punt in our opinion.

Game 7: Had the Storm by 13. They won by 18, so again undercooked the winning margin, but had the right idea. This also was the 5th leg of the multi and money back. So our novelty bets remain neutral.

Game 8: And our bet of the week. It's difficult to type this given just how pumped we are that the Tigers got up. Our first ever NRL Bet of the Week win, and an incredible 51% return after 2 weeks. 7 From 8 tips (only 5 favourites won) and some smugness at TipBetPro headquarters.

We should have put TipBetPro's experts on NRL earlier........remember AFL starts soon too, so there'll be even more money to win!!

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