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NRL Round 1 Wrap-up

The first week of TipBetPro NRL has been an exciting one, with some huge highs, and thanks to Sydney, some pretty disappointing lows. Our betting week started in game 2 of the round (we were confident Brisbane would win the first game and the bookies had their odds right) with the fancied Sea Eagles taking on the (under) Doggies. At 2.25 we were quietly confident of the Bulldogs for an upset and how did they prove us right. It wasn't very quiet at TipBetPro when the Doggies made it home. Woof Woof! So our first ever NRL bet proved a winner. This seemed too easy … Roll on game 5, and our second bet. Yes games 3 and 4 offered no value in our opinion, and yes, like the bookies, we thought the Warriors would crush the Tigers. We apologize profusely and are only glad we never backed the Warriors with money. So game 5 paired the number one team on the planet, with the team we think could well take their position. And we were nearly right. The Sharks showed some of the skills that have TipBetPro excited, but you can't say enough about how good the Cowboys are. We can be nice as Sportsbet kindly refunded our stake as the Sharks kept it to within 8. The bets then started to come thick and fast, with game 6 looking like easy money. Sydney Roosters were at home, and we really thought they'd beat the Bunnies, who had shedded some stars over the summer (although they did bring a fairly good player in). How wrong were we! We hate to hate, but the Roosters cost us money……and will need to try very very hard to remove the spud icon. Luckily for us, game 7 started before we had stopped crying, and the spoon contenders commenced battle. The first half really did look like a contest for the spoon. We were starting to think the Roosters weren't that bad after all. Despite the skills (and to be fair it was raining) the Titans rewarded our faith, talking care of an inexperienced Knights and giving us our second ever win. So we came to game 8 and TipBetPro's bet of the week. At nearly 3.00 we actually thought the Dragons had a good shout and after 20 minutes we thought we were geniuses. The champagne was on ice and we were ready to celebrate. Then the Storm woke up, and all thoughts of victory, turned to "please hold on to a loss of 8 or less"! Well we should have had more faith. The Dragons fired back and if it wasn't for the ref, (yes we are bitter) we'd be staring at a 45% return in the first week. Despite the loss, the Dragons did get us our money back though! And it all starts again Thursday…..Look out for our Round 2 tips and bets Wednesday night. Woof Woof.

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